Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well today is Valentine's Day...and being a single really has no bearing on my life other than the fact that it's a day for lovers and I don't have one!! LOL. Ah...there's always next year right!?!? LOL.

So, to all those who have someone special in your life...Happy Valentine's Day! Remember to hold on tight to them and tell them you love them! And to those of us who belong to the "Lonely Hearts Club," have a drink on me!!



  1. Valentine's Day doesn't need to be about lovers babe. Next year you can join in on the Self-Love Day 2010 that is held the day before Valentine's Day. Check out my blog post about it here:

    Love you girly girl and SO glad I am your very first follower LOL! Now you'll show up on MY personal blog as well! Woo hoo!!!

    I love what Pamela did here. It looks awesome!

  2. Thanks Babe!! Hopefully next year I'll have that special someone ;) and it won't be such a somber day for me! LOL.

    I too am glad you are my first follower, seeing if it wasn't for you...I wouldn't have this beautiful blog! I will have to go on over to your blog and become a follower for you too. I didn't realize it was even an option! LOL.

    Pamela did do a fantastic job didn't she!!! I just love it and couldn't be more pleased!

    Lots of Love.